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"Automatic" Claims Filing PLUS®

Superior Service Included with your Medicare Supplement Policy

When you are getting well, the last thing you want is the mountain of paperwork associated with getting Medicare claims paid. Automatic Claims Filing Plus® (ACF PLUS®) offers these advantages:

Helps Eliminate Claims Filing Headaches

Most hospitals—inpatient or outpatient—and Skilled Nursing Facilities file special forms directly with the company. Part B claims information is received directly from Medicare, practically eliminating your need to file.

Speeds Claims Delivery

No waiting until you or your doctor(s) send claims to the insurer! The benefit check for your health care provider is usually in process before you receive your Explanation of Medicare Benefits form.

Direct Provider Payment

With ACF Plus®, customers’ claims and health care provider payments are made automatically when doctors accept Medicare assignment. ACF Plus® is virtually paperless which means you won’t have to do anything.

Helps Ensure No Missed Claims

The superior service advantage of ACF Plus® helps ensure most eligible benefit dollars due under your plan are paid. Doctor bills and Explanation of Medicare Benefits forms can be misunderstood or get lost and never reach you. With ACF Plus®, you will feel safe knowing this concern can disappear.

Prompt Notification

Concise monthly statements showing claims paid will be sent to you. If there are no claims, there is no statement.